Honours project ideas

Happy New Year! Honours year officially begins next week. I’m feeling excited but a little nervous. Honours year really is the great unknown. Everyone I have spoken to has said it is hardest year in psychology but also the most rewarding. Personally, I just want to start and find out what it is all about! 
I had planned to peruse my statistics notes to refresh my memory before the uni year began but that hasn’t happened. Oh well, I am on my holidays after all. While I haven’t cracked open a stats book, I’m really enjoying Oliver Sacks’ “Musicophilia.” It’s all about the relationship between music and the brain, and just as good as “The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat.” For the uninitiated, Sacks’ books present case studies about people with various neurological disorders; everything from Autism to Tourette’s. They give you an insight into different conditions and what the world looks like from a patients’ perspective, posing some interesting questions. I definitely recommend adding Oliver Sacks to your reading  list. You don’t need to be studying psychology to enjoy or understand his books and you can probably find them in your local library. I should probably add, there is no ulterior motive behind this endorsement, I just really like them.

I’ve also been reading up on various areas of psychology such as autism, children with disabilities and their parents though to get some possible ideas for my thesis topic. Unfortunately, a feasible idea has yet to jump out at me. I’m sure that the introductory meeting about Honours year and talking to supervisors will help though. Ideally, I’ll devise a topic that I find interesting and that can be explored with the help of the psychology research volunteer pool. In the same vein, my perfect supervisor would be someone who is approachable, accessible, knowledgeable and patient with my statistics questions. I am reasonably proficient with stats but I still like to ask lots of questions and get some reassurance. I tend to tie myself up in knots every once in a while. I’m sure anyone out there reading this who has studied psychology understands where I am coming from. Keep your fingers crossed I get my wish list please!


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  1. Hi again … (what do I call you? .. Mr Honourable?)
    I contributed to a few ‘research projects’ over the years, but I never received back from them a summary of the results that my input may have led to. I will continue to read this to see if you collected information from individuals and then offered to give contributors information about the results of your research. I contributed to an ‘Ageing with autism: Impact on families’ project conducted by a PhD student in the School of Communication Sciences and Disorders at University of Sydney in about 2005, and a ‘Life-span’ project by Monash University Centre for Dev. Psychiatry & Psychology in 2006.

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