Supervisors: Who they are, what they do and allocation day

I have mentioned supervisors a few time now but you might be wondering who they are and exactly what it is that they do. Supervisors are usually members of the faculty, either PhD students or lecturers though they can also be researchers from external organisations. Depending on your university you may be allocated one or two supervisors and essentially they act as a guide. Typically, a supervisor will advise you as you devise a topic, study and proposal and select statistical analyses. They are also the people who will give you feedback about your thesis drafts. Needless to say supervisors play a very important role.

When I submitted my supervisor preferences I was given a broad time frame for when I’d find out the outcome. So, I was really surprised when the allocations were posted online just two days later. With excitement and impatience reminiscent of receiving my year 12 results, I waited for the list to load. I frantically scanned through the names, past those of friends, until I found my own. I had been allocated my first preference. I was elated! The next step was to contact my supervisor and see where my Honours journey would go from there.


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