The hunt for a supervisor

Once the hunt for supervisors began, honours students could be spied pacing round the psychology floor, searching for the right office, and discussing in huddles who had interviewed whom. Ordinarily the prospect of asking a professor a question in a crowded lecture hall or after class wouldn’t have phased me. However, even I was incredibly nervous. Luckily, I started my search with a  particularly friendly supervisor.

Now that this process is behind me I know I am lucky to have had the opportunity to meet with potential supervisors. Each meeting gave me a new perspective about the honours process.

For anyone about to embark on their own supervisor hunt, good luck and here are three ideas that you might like to consider:

  1. If your potential supervisors haven’t specified any particular projects, come up with at least two broad ideas – this is handy in case you discover an idea is too ambitious or has already been studied.
  2. It might seem obvious, but do read the recommended readings.
  3. Visit several supervisors to get a good idea about who seems like the best supervisor for you. Have some idea about what you want in a supervisor and project and discuss supervisory style

Good hunting


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