Great Expectations: The parallel universe of First Year and Honours Year

Honours year is an expedition into the unknown. I’ve left behind the beaten path of structured assignments and lecturer driven lessons to embark on a new and challenging journey. What I find surprising is the disconnect between what I thought Honours would be like and the reality. I didn’t expect to be drawing so many comparisons between Honours year and my first year of uni. As a first year, do you remember the excitement of learning something in class that just made you think ‘Wow, I really have to tell so and so about this‘? I’m sure you can also recall the feat of trying to remember people’s names and your timidity exploring the campus. I’m revisiting all these experiences this year.  Three hour seminars seems to fly by because they are so interesting. My class has doubled in size and so there are many new people to meet and I recently discovered a ‘new’ computer lab overlooked by other students.

Like anything new and uncertain navigating my Honours journey is not be free from nerves, self-doubt or the need to grit my teeth and walk over the speed bumps, but it’s also one of the most exciting and enjoyable experiences of uni so far. I’m starting to understand what past Honours students have said about how rewarding it is. Hopefully when the path seems impassible I can look at the post and remember why I am doing this, because I love it.


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