You know you are an Honours student when…

Finding a computer lab everyone else seems to have forgotten is exciting
You have been on campus regularly before 9 or after 4
Endnote or CiteULike have become part of your arsenal
You have visited the student help centre
The names of the researchers in your thesis area are familiar
You know your way around the faculty offices
At least once you’ve realised that your thesis project is getting out of control
You know you are going to run out of printing credits this year
First years are impressed that you have been at uni this long
You have used a reference that you cannot access electronically
Fewer contact hours does not mean less time spent on campus or studying
You never miss an opportunity to explain your thesis to someone
Writing 1500 word assignments seems far less daunting than in first year
You’re learning more in a week and having more fun doing so than in other years
Hearing that PhDs are 100,000 words long makes you feel a lot better
You can name at least half the people in your course
Spending lunch debriefing with other Honours students becomes a tradition
You have two work modes, extreme procrastination and scarily productive
The number of journal articles you read in a month exceeds that of previous years
You are currently taking a break from studying
You  have dreamed about some aspect of uni work
You know exactly when your thesis is due but not what you’ll be doing after Honours
You have a plan A, B and C for what you would like to be doing next year
Career fairs and postgrad course information sessions are really important this year
Your thesis has changed directions at least twice
You have been afflicted with “thesis brain,” the inability to remember or think clearly about anything non-thesis related. Symptoms usually appear just before submission.
Everyone you know is at a completely different stage in their Honours journey
You get great ideas for your thesis at the strangest of times and places

Do any of these experiences resonate with you?


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