2012 Haiku


Honours year’s over

Time to celebrate with friends

And family.


Starting my PhD

Meeting the people who will share

A four year journey.

Blue Marathons


Classes mean meeting

New “friends” beginning with W:


Two weeks into a Clinical (P)retty (H)uge Deal

Hiding Behind Cushions and Writing Letters

Aliens, Race-walking and Psychological Testing


My graduation.

Smiles, sunshine and flying hats,

Four years ’til the next.

Reflections at the End of Term 1

Moving from the General to the Particular

A Day in the Life of… A Clinical PhD Student


Research presented

For the faculty and the

PhD cheer squad.


A Stapler, a Stapler, My Kingdom for a Stapler!


A fledgling idea

A proposal meeting and…

My thesis takes flight.

Writer’s Block: Is it Because of Procrastination, Not Feeling Ready or Something Else?

A Crash Course in Evaluating Diagnostic Tools: Validity


Fractures and moon boots

Lifts, lifts and more lifts. Peg leg.

Please just go away!

Bootylicious… Pun Intended

Hitting the Wall

Coming Full Circle: It’s Raining Wizz Fizz


I run my study

And for undergrad students

I play the tutor.

I did it!

Through the Eyes of a Clinical PhD Student: Balancing Research and Practice


A life of its own

Evading paper, my research

Is caught in a Net.

Through the eyes of a Clinical PhD student: Embracing difference

Serendipity / se – ruhn – dip – i – ti /


It’s not quite Inklings,

But ASD research chats

Begin once a month.


One chapter’s over

But others are just beginning

Now I’m an RA.

Impostor syndrome


Time to celebrate

The year that’s been and the one

That’s just beginning.

Data Analysis: Discrimination Indices vs Chi-Squares and Principal Components vs Factor Analyses

The first year of my PhD in 2012 is full of good memories, here’s hoping the next is too.

Happy New Year!


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