Tweeting towards the finish line

I hand up my thesis in 4 months and 19 days. I thought it might be fun to “tweet” my way to the finish line by sharing those little ‘life in the day of a PhD student” moments in tweet form. I’m predicting sometimes these tweets will be about the process and its highs and lows, and the rest will be about survival techniques!


tweet Honourable Mentions @HonourableMentions  18/01/2016
#LiteratureReview I started thesis writing for real today. Punched out over 2000 words much to my surprise. Submitting in June 2016 is starting to feel possible. #ClinicalPhD #AndSoItBegins #Writing

tweet Honourable Mentions @HonourableMentions  19/01/2016
Editing has decreased my word count and I’ve about 18 months worth of papers to catch up on because of my intermission and data collection. Yikes! #ClinicalPhD #LiteratureReview

tweet Honourable Mentions @HonourableMentions  20/01/2016
I’m making headway slowly but surely. I feel like all this general information in the introduction is waffling, but needs must. Scrivener is amazing. #ClinicalPhD #Scrivener

tweet Honourable Mentions @HonourableMentions  23/01/2016
I’m back to writing now placement is over for the week. Got very little done though. Motivation where art thou? #ClinicalPhD #WeekendWork

tweet Honourable Mentions @HonourableMentions  24/01/2016
I’m trying the productive procrastination approach. I still don’t feel like writing. Scoring IQ tests for my research will just have to do instead. #ClinicalPhD #WeekendWork


Can anyone else relate to my first week in my journey towards the finish line?

~ Honourable Mentions ~


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