Looking back on 2015

If you’ve been following my blog or just casually browsing you’ll have noticed the lack of posts in 2015. In the spirit of “keeping it real” and joining the dots between where I was headed back then and where I am headed now, this was my 2015… (This revisits “I’m still here” a little bit).

In January, I left the country to take an ill family member overseas to support another family member. It was a tough experience and one in which I wore many hats. The one hat that I didn’t wear though was that of PhD student. Being disconnected from my identity as a student was unsettling, I found myself wondering who I was without it. Mid-way through the trip I decided I would leave the academic career path behind. On balance, as much as I adored research, I realised that trying to be competitive in academia took more from me than I was willing to give.

When I arrived home, the realisation that clinical work would then be my full-time rather than part-time job really hit. I wasn’t sure what my supervisor would think about my change of plans and whether I had done enough to be competitive when searching for clinical work.

Telling my supervisor that I was switching gears turned out to be a non-event. Whatever my future plans, I was still 100% committed to finishing my PhD and recently achieved a major milestone: finishing data collection. I was still worried about how competitive I would be entering the psychology workforce though. Expressing my concerns to the clinical team at my university I managed to secure an extra placement to give me a greater breadth and depth to my practice. This extra placement turned out to be the most valuable opportunity of my degree, helping me to identify how I want to operate as a psychologist, to find my strengths and weaknesses and to grow in confidence as a clinician.

I have four and half months left until I submit now. To be honest, I can’t wait. I’m ready to get out there, apply what I’ve learned and see where psychology takes me.


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