Week 2 – Doing what I can when I can


This week was all about recognising that sometimes what I feel I should do to get things done and what I can do will not always match up, and that’s okay. Constant productivity just isn’t sustainable.

tweet Honourable Mentions @HonourableMentions  25/01/2016
I’d #WritingParalysis today. So I did a functional analysis on myself haha. Not writing = delayed draft submission = delayed feedback = no revisions. #ClinicalPhD

tweet Honourable Mentions @HonourableMentions  26/01/2016
It’s a public holiday. I’m trying to stop editing and keep writing. Today’s paragraphs are brought to you by: FairTrade Mint Dark Chocolate 🙂 #ClinicalPhD #SurvivalKit

tweet Honourable Mentions @HonourableMentions  26/01/2016
I got a huge chunk of the worst bit of my lit review done today, it’s 3000 words and counting. I’m proud. Time to unwind with dance practice. #PhDance #123GoMe #CheerEveryMilestone

tweet Honourable Mentions @HonourableMentions  31/01/2016
Life happened. So no writing this weekend. Instead I did some #self-care in the form of Skype catch-ups with friends and getting my creativity on at Plaster Funhouse of all places.


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