Week 4: Onto Chapter 2


This week has been heaven. I’ve been living much closer to placement and uni than usual which means I have so much more time in my day to do non-uni related things which I think has actually been helping my writing.

I’ve also had a bit of a brain wave. I’ve a tonne of clinically relevant books I’ve read, bought or partially finished. I’ll blog about one each month to help me move more of these books to the ‘have read’ pile and make use of them in my practise as a provisional psychologist. Anyone keen to join in ‘Psychology Book Club’?

tweet Honourable Mentions @HonourableMentions  08/02/2016
It’s done. I sent off the first draft of Chapter 1, the Introduction. It clocks in at about 4K. I’m feeling on top of the world! I can see progress. #ClinicalPhD #Writing

tweet Honourable Mentions @HonourableMentions  09/02/2016
Ten minute drive to the office today. Oh what I have been missing out on.. Churned out a decent portion of Chapter 2. Submission is beginning to feel possible again #ClinicalPhD #Writing

tweet Honourable Mentions @HonourableMentions  10/02/2016
Juggling act today. More placement work than writing. But I guess every little bit counts? #ClinicalPhD #Writing

tweet Honourable Mentions @HonourableMentions  13/02/2016
Placement done for the week. Lots of literature searching today #ClinicalPhD

tweet Honourable Mentions @HonourableMentions  13/02/2016
More literature searching. I’ve been tagging clinically relevant papers for future reference. #ClinicalPhd


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