Psychology Book Club


I have a growing stack of therapy related books. Some I’ve finished, some I’ve started and some I’ve yet to look at. To motivate me to actually read these books and to help me remember their ‘take home’ points, I’m starting a ‘Psychology Book Club.’ Essentially, I’ll be posting some information about the  books here e.g. about how user-friendly they are, what you can expect to get out of them and what I’ve learned from reading them.

Most of the books in my collection are on the cheaper side and you can probably borrow them from your university library. The rest can be found in second-hand book stores, Amazon Kindle or the Book Depository. Of course, for those of you who actually know me, you’re more than welcome to borrow my copy :).

As you can see, I have a collection of therapy text books, treatment manuals, parent/client resource books, therapist guides and lived-experience type books to add to the reading list. I’m not sure how quickly I’ll get through each of these books, so I’m aiming for one book club post per month. The more dense text-book / treatment manuals could require a bit more of my time though!

February’s book will be “The Making of a Therapist: A Practical Guide for the Inner Journey” by Louis Cozolino.

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