Honours Year

In chronological order (links open in a new tab):

  1. And so it begins
  2. Honours project ideas
  3. The hunt for a supervisor
  4. Supervisors: Who they are and what they do
  5. A journey of 12,000 words: The first week
  6. Great expectations: Parallels between first and Honours year
  7. Walking on sunshine: An unexpected silver lining
  8. The start of a beautiful friendship?
  9. You know you are an Honours student when…
  10. Some assembly required: Designing a study
  11. The highs and lows of research
  12. Ten precious weeks: Ethics, exams, recruitment and a looming deadline
  13. A few days make all the difference: Participants at last
  14. Data Collection 101
  15. Thesis Presentation
  16. Psychology Honours – The Musical
  17. The Finish Line Part 1: Final analyses and drafts
  18. The Finish Line Part 2: Binding, submission and postgraduate applications
  19. Ten tantalising days: Waiting for news
  20. Results day through the eyes of a psychology Honours student
  21. One heck of an early Christmas present a.k.a I actually did it!


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