Early Career

I’ve finished my degree and have decided that I will keep the blog going in some shape or form. The direction will shift to a more clinical focus. I’ll revive the psychology book club, talk a little about job-hunting, and setting myself up as an early career psychologist. Beyond that, suggestions welcome!

Psychology Book Club

  1. The Making of a Therapist
  2. The Boy Who Was Raised As A Dog

Notes from an early career psychologist

  1. So you’re a psychologist, now what?
  2. The Five Year Plan
  3. A dream without a plan…
  4. Leaving limbo land
  5. What to Wear: The Psychologist Edition
  6. The ideas that guide me
  7. The Transition from PhD Student to Psychologist
  8. You’re not in Kansas anymore…
  9. The experience of learning to work with people who are feeling suicidal
  10. Psychology: More than asking “How does that make you feel?” 
  11. Bloom
  12. Your First Year as a Psychologist: When Floristry Becomes a Legitimate Career Move