Life as an Early Career Psychologist

I’ve finished my degree and have decided that I will keep the blog going in some shape or form. The direction will shift to a more clinical focus. I’ll revive the psychology book club, talk a little about job-hunting, and setting myself up as an early career psychologist. Beyond that, suggestions welcome!

Psychology Book Club

  1. The Making of a Therapist
  2.  The Boy Who Was Raised As A Dog

Notes from an early career psychologist

  1. So you’re a psychologist, now what?
  2. The Five Year Plan
  3. A dream without a plan…
  4. Leaving limbo land
  5. What to Wear: The Psychologist Edition
  6. The ideas that guide me
  7. The Transition from PhD Student to Psychologist
  8. You’re not in Kansas anymore…